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Defence Procurement

September 24, 2014

Senator BACK (Western Australia) (16:39): I am incredulous that the Labor opposition would want to give the coalition the opportunity to ventilate their failure when in government on issues associated with the shipbuilding industry, the submarines in Adelaide, the defence industry in general and the future submarines designed to meet Australia's un... ... Read more »

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Export Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 video

June 23, 2014

Senator BACK (Western Australia—Second Deputy Government Whip in the Senate) (10:06): I rise to speak to the Export Legislation Amendment Bill 2014. Whilst I concur with Senator Farrell on the areas that need to be addressed, I wish to raise a number of points and flag concerns that the industry has raised with me and raises with me on a freq... ... Read more »

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Wind turbines - Chris with Alan Jones and Graham Richardson on Sky

April 14, 2014

Watch the Youtube clip of the interview with Chris, by   - Alan Jones and Graham Richardson -   as they discuss the health and economic impacts of wind turbines on local communities. Watch the clip here   ... Read more »

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Opinion: Truth the first casualty of live export war

May 31, 2013

There is a saying that truth is the first casualty in any war, and that is certainly the case in relation to the current 'war' on live animal exports that is being waged by a number of animal rights activists groups in Australia. The challenge for Australia's sheep and cattle industries is to counter some of this misinformation, before it becomes a... ... Read more »

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Agriculture can regain economic status

May 30, 2013

Farm Weekly, Perth by Ken Wilson 30 May 2013  By KEN WILSON AUSTRALIAN agriculture has the opportunity to regain its economic powerhouse status. But rather than Australia riding on the proverbial sheep’s back as it did last mid-century, the nation will be figuratively riding on a new animal called agribusiness. That&rsqu... ... Read more »

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Common sense endangered in national park grazing debate

May 24, 2013

Beef Central   By James Nason   23 May 2013 One largely overlooked point in the debate about whether the plan to allow starving cattle into national parks and reserves will threaten their conservation values is the fact that on many of these properties, cattle have never actually left. All of the areas the Queensland Gov... ... Read more »

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Little gain from Gonski numbers

May 20, 2013

 Andrew Probyn Federal Political Editor, The West Australian May 20, 2013, 5:44 am t WA schools would get just $33,000 each a year in extra Commonwealth funding under Julia Gillard's so-called Gonski reforms - a seventh of what an average Queensland school would get. The Prime Minister yesterday sought to increase pressure on premiers a... ... Read more »

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Sports betting on TV and Radio

May 16, 2013

Senator BACK (Western Australia—Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate) (17:41): I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the motion put by Senator Di Natale. I have listened very carefully to the comments around the chamber. There is absolutely no difficulty. There is a unanimous view from everybody that we do not want to see a circumstance ... ... Read more »

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Alarm over 457 visa abuses inflated: migration adviser

May 13, 2013

Australian, Page: 2 By David Crowe Monday, 13 May 2013 NATIONAL AFFAIRS EDITOR ONE of the federal government’s top migration advisers has backed a landmark finding that only a "small proportion" of employers are abusing the skilled worker program in another blow to Labor claims of widespread rorting. The chairman of the minister... ... Read more »

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Coalition to bust welfare mentality

May 8, 2013

Australian, Page: 1 By DAVID CROWE SID MAHER Tuesday, 7 May 2013 THE Coalition has vowed to enforce a new "culture of selfreliance" to bring welfare spending under control as it faces a renewed debate over its economic platform because of the generosity of its $4.3 billion paid parental leave scheme. Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Ho... ... Read more »

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