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20 July, 2017

What a fine testament to the Catholic education system we see here in this chamber now: Senator Collins; Senator Farrell; our leader, Senator Brandis; my good self; and I do not know whether Senator Watt or Senator McAllister or Senator Smith—in that true spirit of openness I too have to declare that I started my schooling in 1955 with the Pr... ... Read more »


20 July, 2017

Mr President, I think I might need protection from some of my colleagues on both sides of the chamber. Can I say how amazed and humbled I have been at the gestures of goodwill that have been extended to Linda and me. I am starting to worry, in fact, if it might not be an encouragement for me to go. It is just incredible the number of invitations... ... Read more »

Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017

22 June, 2017

I join with Senator Leyonhjelm in many of his comments regarding the fact that throwing money at education does not improve educational outcomes. I suppose Senator Leyonhjelm and I both went to veterinary schools, where there was not an enormous amount of expenditure of capital—and look where we are today, for the evidence of it! I would be v... ... Read more »

Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Bill 2017, Commercial Broadcasting (Tax) Bill 2017

22 June, 2017

Thank you, Acting Deputy President Bernardi. The chamber will be delighted to learn that I am not attempting to emulate Dame Nellie in terms of her beautiful soprano voice! But I want to associate myself with the comments that have been made by everyone in this debate this evening on the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Reform) Bill... ... Read more »
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